Can I make a living out of Roulette by doubling my bets?

Some Roulette Gurus preach that we can make millions a day by playing only the colors and doubling the bet every time like so: 1e and if we lose, we play the same color again with double the money, i.e. 2e, then 4e, then 8e, ... As soon as we win, we stop. But if we do this endlessly, we won't earn money in the long run since there is no limit to the number of times in a row a color falls. But what if we only start when a color appeared 5 times in a row, and limit ourselves to 5 bets of the opposite color in a row? A color would have to fall 11 Times in a Row for us to lose 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 31€. Read this visualization row-wise starting on the top-left. This Block: represents the ball falling on black (48.65% in Theory), on red (48.65% in Theory) and on green (2.7% in Theory). Note that green is your enemy, it acts like a black hole: neither is it a color switch, nor can you win money with it. An orange ball, or or , represents a lost bet, while a yellow ball: or represents a won bet. Note that you can't win a bet on green with this scheme. Finally, a purple ball: , or signals the end of a game, i.e. a loss of 31€. Ready? let's go: